Movie Premiered July 2015

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Movie Summary

L Jackson’s heart fails him and he finds himself in a ruthless game of love.  He never paid attention to the warning signs or he would have known pursuing love sometimes has faulty consequences. 

In this “rollercoaster ride of emotions” the audience is taken on intense, dramatic and 
heart-pounding rides full of ups & downs, twists & turns. The explosive, twisted outcome will 
leave the audience mesmerized & surprised as they thought they knew who was going to be 
the last man standing in this game of Twisted Love.

Meg Kilsby feel in love with a man but gave her heart to save her country not knowing it could cost her everything in the end.

Written By Lateka S Carter
a New Screenwriter Game 
Changer who is synergistically gifted to provoke change. 

Ava Stephens is searching for love in all the right places as long as it benefits her the most.

Malcom Smalls is always out to close any deals as long as it puts him on top no matter the sacrifice.

Directed By Rasheem Kilo Pugh
Extremely Creative & Multi-Grammy 
Award Winning Songwriter

A Save The Arts Films & Kingdom Designing Production

Chris Duncan is dedicated and loyal to all those he feels is loyal to him and doesn’t mind paying the highest price to protect his happiness.

​​Save The Arts Films

L Jackson hard working prominent businessman

who climbed the ladder of success with love

being his fuel of file.