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We are currently looking for colorful minds & talented individuals to become a host on our online & streaming radio network. 

We're connecting audiences to our Online Streaming Network on multiple platforms

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a radio host on STAR 107.5, then please fill out the form below. Be prepared to send us a bio, headshot, any radio/podcast experience, and mentally paint us a picture of how creative your radio show will be.

STAR 107.5 is under the creative directions of Multi-Grammy Award Winning Songwriter & Producer, Rasheem Kilo Pugh and Executive Producer & TV/Red Carpet Host, Lateka S Carter. Together, they have created an online streaming radio network to give other creative & talented hosts opportunity to share powerful messages with our viewing & listening audiences.

Save the Arts stems from Save the Arts Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization. This foundation was established in 2009 by Rasheem Kilo Pugh, which is dedicated to rebuilding the vibrancy in our communities through the arts. WE "MUST" PROTECT THE ARTS BY INCREASING THE AWARENESS OF THE ARTS AND ITS INFLUENCE ON EVERYDAY LIVES. THE WAY MUST BE PAVED "NOW" FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES WHILE BUILDING A BETTER CREATIVE SOCIETY.

In our efforts to help spread powerful messages that will touch lives on many different levels, we birthed in 2010, Save the Arts Awards, which the very first every to award Painters, Sculptors, Architects & Photographers for their contributions to society. In 2014, Save the Arts Films was launched to finally put art in motion by creating visual stories with impactful messages through films.

Now, we are ready to share art through another form of expression. So therefore, Save the Arts Radio was formed in 2017 as another stem from Save the Arts Foundation. On this network, we want to give audiences opportunities to learn, grow, be entertained and inspired to reach new levels in life. This station is for all audiences. It is another way to share how art takes shape and color of its own.
In a world where teen bullying, suicide, and crime are on the rise, we promote different genres of art education as a constructive alternative. So therefore, we ask that you would consider doing something big and donate to Save The Arts Foundation to help in our efforts to "Capture the Mind.Save the Body"

"Where Colorful Minds

Create a New World"


Save the Arts Radio 107.5

STAR 107.5 starts broadcasting soon